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Experience defines every aspect of our business. It has spurred our company’s embrace of new ideas and emerging technologies in construction, including our innovations in construction. We have built a reputation throughout Southern India as a developer, Builder, Designer of building projects, offering diverse services to schools, civic agencies, businesses, retail companies, and more.
About Us


WCMI has been an integral part of the South India community since 2012. A General Contractor, WCMi provides construction services on public and private projects, design-build projects, lease-leaseback, and modular construction throughout South India. Our portfolio showcases a broad and diverse range of completed projects and we exhibit both creativity and flexibility in addressing characteristics unique to each project we undertake. We are committed to providing the highest quality building and modular products and the very best construction services to our clients.

India, especially Kerala, is a consociation of cultural cocktails shaped by the intermixing of various cultures and acceptance of adopting diverse styles. Investors always demand quality for their investments. On the other hand, we are one of the few builders who follow international standards and safety measures decently, along with quality assured constructions. Trendy and stylish interiors give a pleasant appearance and create a pleasant vibe in the people living in. People also want to realize their imaginations about the interiors of their homes. Hence, we try to combine the requirements of customers with the latest trends in the market.

Modern & Traditional Architecture

Customers are of different types. If some are looking for a reflection of their ancestral heritage and beauty, some are looking for a modern outlook for their home.

Master planning & Visualization

Smart and effective usage of available space is the prime motto in designing commercial interiors.

Interior Design & Contracting

Home is not just any building with four walls and a roof; it is where a family weaves their nest. Home is the most cherished dream of all hardworking, determined, and creative people

Construction & Turn Key Projects

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Our Passion

WCMi’s portfolio covers a wide range, from school facilities and government agencies to business and industrial complexes. We've completed many acclaimed projects for area specialty retail markets, restaurants, hotels, custom-built homes and design-build projects

Our Process


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) are three integral parts that facilitate the establishment of any structure. In a modern world where everything is connected with information interchange, a technique that is prevailing with the advent of information technology is the need of the hour. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a way of combining information regarding different aspects of AEC through computer-aided design and processing at the time of design and construction as well as for future maintenance and references. Information regarding the structure, interior, and infrastructure of a building along with its 3D models will be available all the time for a real-time intervention into the changes needed to make and for an error-free construction of the building.

All the proficient members at WCMi have excellent expertise in BIM technology which helpsus in working as a single unit in fulfilling your dream. We provide you with active participation in the design and construction with the aid of BIM technology for the exact establishment of exactly what you want to design and build. Using BIM technology, we follow international standards, procedures, and techniques in ACE for the best results.

Estimating Costs

One of the main parameters in the design and construction of any architecture is the estimation of the total amount of money required to fulfill the project. A clear and accurate cost estimation gives the complete requirement of the resources necessary for the completion of the project. At WMCi, we go through a three-level process of cost estimation for saving our customers from losing money. Our eminent team of designers, engineers, and managers work for getting a clear picture of the work to be completed within the given period.


Our focus is on delivering unique projects that respond to their settings, are environmentally efficient and beautifully executed. We firmly believe that good design adds value.




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WCMi is at the forefront of the building and design industry since 2012. It started as a startup in the beginning and after a decade of satisfactory service history, we completed over 500 architectural wonders in Kerala, Singapore and Australia. We are keen on trendsetting as well as on customer satisfaction.


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